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Registered Veterinary Technician

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Client Service Representative

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Associate Veterinarian - Outpatient/Medical

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Volunteer Opportunities

Director of Shelter Diversion

The Director of Shelter Diversion works closely with individual pet owners to determine what type of assistance is required to keep their pet out of local shelters - including offering financial assistance for medical care, behavior training, re-homing assistance, food/supply needs, or any other way the organization may be able to help. 

This is a very rewarding opportunity for an individual who is passionate about animal welfare and wants to help save lives. This is a volunteer position that will be performed remotely. Position requires that the individual develop a relationship with local shelters and educate them on our program so that they can refer to us when a pet is surrendered with them. Work is "as needed." Individuals requiring assistance will contact you via company email or remote phone number and you will be expected to respond and assist in a timely manner. This position works closely with other program directors to find solutions. 

Director of Animal Rescue and Adoption

The Director of Animal Rescue and Adoption oversees this entire program. Responsibilities include: approving all animal intakes and seeking out animals in need of rescue; maintaining records of all animals in our program; ensuring all animals receive the medical care, behavioral evaluations, rehabilitation, etc they require throughout their time in our program; seeking out, approving, and monitoring animal foster program; organizing adoption events; researching and approving potential adoptive families; marketing animals available for adoption; assist executive director in fundraising. This is a volunteer opportunity for an individual who enjoys animal rescue. Qualified individual should have some experience in animal welfare/rescue. Position is a remote position and is "as needed." Will be required to develop a relationship with other rescue organization and local animal shelters. 

Director of Community Outreach

The Director of Community Outreach is responsible for organizing and executing community events such as vaccination clinics, food drives, public health presentations, and more. This position works very closely with the Shelter Diversion program by cataloging and maintaining supply donations that can be given to pet owners in need. 

This director is responsible for marketing the organization and seeking supply and financial donations to fund our mission. 

This Director will be required to evaluate pet owners who request financial assistance for veterinary care to determine if they are eligible and what the organization will cover. 

This is a volunteer opportunity for someone who loves animals and wants to be involved in the community. Outgoing attitude required. Position is "as needed" and works remotely from home and out in the community on their own terms. 

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator works with the public to market our organization and to recruit volunteers for various tasks and programs. 

This director works closely with other directors to find and organize volunteers that may be needed for a certain department or event. 

The Volunteer Coordinator is the go-to contact for all volunteers and will be responsible for logging volunteer hours, communicating volunteers via email and Facebook group, and managing volunteer activities and performance. 

This is a volunteer position for someone who enjoys leading a team and appreciates organization. This position is a remote position that can be performed in your home or in the community on your own terms. 

Hospital Volunteers

We are always looking for volunteers who want to work in the hospital environment. 

Possible duties include:

- Walking and feeding animals

- Bathing animals

- Cleaning cages, sweeping, mopping, etc

- Laundry - Lots of Laundry

- Cleaning, Sterilizing, and wrapping surgical instruments

- Stocking Supplies

- Assisting Surgical Team With Patient Recovery (cuddle time)

- Answering Phones

... and much more. 

Duties and restrictions vary and will be discussed prior to starting. We understand most people want the hands on animal care experience; however, for the safety of our volunteers, staff, and our patients animal handling is very limited. 


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