Career Opportunities

Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) - Full Time

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Client Service Representative - Full and Part Time

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Associate Veterinarian (Outpatient/Medical) - Full and Part Time

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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator works with the public to market our organization and to recruit volunteers for various tasks and programs. 

This director works closely with other directors to find and organize volunteers that may be needed for a certain department or event. 

The Volunteer Coordinator is the go-to contact for all volunteers and will be responsible for logging volunteer hours, communicating volunteers via email and Facebook group, and managing volunteer activities and performance. 

This is a volunteer position for someone who enjoys leading a team and appreciates organization. This position is a remote position that can be performed in your home or in the community on your own terms. 

Hospital Volunteers

We are always looking for volunteers who want to work in the hospital environment. 

Possible duties include:

- Walking and feeding animals

- Bathing animals

- Cleaning cages, sweeping, mopping, etc

- Laundry - Lots of Laundry

- Cleaning, Sterilizing, and wrapping surgical instruments

- Stocking Supplies

- Assisting Surgical Team With Patient Recovery (cuddle time)

- Answering Phones

... and much more. 

Duties and restrictions vary and will be discussed prior to starting. We understand most people want the hands on animal care experience; however, for the safety of our volunteers, staff, and our patients animal handling is very limited. 


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