Rescue and Adoption

Our Rescue and Adoption program takes in unwanted or undesirable animals off the streets and out of animal shelters and provides them with medical care, rehabilitation, and training to ensure they're able to find a loving forever home. 

We accept animals that are surrendered by their owners only after they have spoken with our Shelter Diversion department to try to find an alternate solution

Available for Adoption



Buttercup is a three year old JRT mix. She has earned the title "Queen" because she has been with TAHO since May. She came to TAHO through our Shelter Diversion program - she required temporary housing after a family tragedy. Unfortunately for her family, they were unable to retrieve her and had to result in surrendering her into our rescue program. 

Maddie Mae


Maddie Mae is a sweet little ten month old chihuahua/dachshund mix looking for a loving home. She came to us after being found as a stray. She prefers quiet settings and loves being a lap dog. 

She gets along well with other dogs. Her favorite activity is cuddling - she wants to be held. 

If you are looking for a versatile pup, one that likes to play but also likes to calm down and enjoy down time, than Maddie Mae may be the one for you! Stop by and meet her at our TAHO hospital. 

*Maddie Mae is available for adoption or foster. 



Tito is a seven month old pit bull terrier. He came to us after being found as an emaciated stray - vomiting, unable to eat, and weak. After a surgery and several weeks of hospitalization in TAHO's intensive care unit, he is back to a very playful and loving pup. He is an amazing pup - so amazing that our director really wants to keep him for himself (he already has too many). Gets along great with other pups. Great with kids but would probably do best with a slightly older kid that can run and play with him. He is a pup so he is very playful and sometimes doesn't realize his size - still thinks he is a small puppy. Come by and meet little Tito! 

*Tito is available for adoption or foster. 


Fostering gives you the opportunity to single-handedly change an animal’s life for the better. 

  • The more foster families we have on board, the more animals we can save! 
  • Fostering can provide the unique, individualized attention that some animals require before they’re ready for adoption.
  • Fostering has a direct, positive impact on the animal and is a very rewarding experience for those who choose to become caregivers.

So many animals are euthanized each year in local shelters due to the stresses that they experience in that environment causing their mental health to gradually decline. Temporary foster homes allow these animals to decompress and provides enrichment that will allow these animals to become wonderful family companions. 

TAHO works closely with our foster families to ensure they have the resources and training to handle the type of animals they want to foster. 

If you are interested in becoming a TAHO Foster, please fill out the form below and submit it to our organization via email, fax, or in person. Contact us with any questions you may have regarding our Foster Program.


Adoption and Foster applications can be submitted via email, fax, or delivered in person. 

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Your donation can help us rescue more animals by supplying food, medical care, training, and rehabilitation to the animals in our programs. 

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If you are attempting to surrender a pet please contact our Shelter Diversion Department first. 

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