We provide high quality medical care at reduced costs to ensure that all animals are able to receive the medical care they need and deserve. 

Take a look at our services and basic pricing listed below. 

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Veterinary Services



Our medical team is focused on providing preventative wellness to ensure your pet remains happy and healthy throughout the duration of his or her life. 

Spay and Neuter


TAHO is nationally recognized as a leader in high-quality, high-volume, low-cost spay and neuter by the ASPCA.

Urgent and Emergency Care


We provide urgent and emergency care on a walk-in basis (additional fees will be assessed). When possible, please call our office in advance to let us know you are on the way so that we can better prepare for your pets emergency. 



In addition to spay and neuter surgery, our team of highly trained and experience professionals are equipped and ready to perform all types of surgical procedures such as: Wound/Laceration repair, soft tissue surgery (ex: growth removal), emergency c-sections, abdominal foreign body, pyometra, and more! 



Here at TAHO we take oral health very seriously. After all, it affects your pets total health. 

From "routine" prophylactic dental cleanings, to minor/major tooth extractions, we have you covered. 

Our prophylactic dental cleaning starts at $100 - including anesthesia!

Hospice and Euthanasia


We provide outpatient hospice care for pets with chronic or life-ending diseases to ensure they remain comfortable through the remainder of their time. This allows most pets to extend their life while also increasing their quality of life. This give them more time to be with their family.
When your pet's quality of life has deteriorated and you have reached the decision to euthanize, we can provide low-stress euthanasia. 

Basic Pricing

We help local rescue organizations and shelters by further discounting our services. For more information regarding our rescue/non-profit partnerships please contact our executive director at (740) 549-1950 ext. 103


Contact our Community Outreach department by calling(740) 549-1950. Funding may be available depending on your situation and services needed. 

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