Shelter Diversion

Our Shelter Diversion program is designed to prevent animals from entering into shelters by providing personalized options and assistance.

Approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S shelters nationwide each year. Approximately 1.5 million of these animals are euthanized. If you find yourself in the difficult situation where you may no longer be able to keep your pet (due to veterinary costs, food and supply costs, behavioral reasons, residential moving, etc) please reach out to us! We have many options and resources available to keep your pet safe. 


Financial Assistance

Qualified individuals may receive financial help for their pet's medical care. These individuals must be able to demonstrate that they can not afford their pet's medical care (by supplying proof of government assistance, pay stubs, or tax returns). Approval is granted on a case by case basis and may include partial assistance, full coverage, and at times may even cover traveling expenses. Financial assistance will only be provided when the pet is treated with our organization or with an approved veterinary hospital so that we can ensure the pet receives the highest quality of care.

Re-Homing Assistance

We have several options available to help you in the unfortunate case you are unable to keep your pet. In the ideal scenario, we ask if you can temporaily foster your own pet while we help find a qualified home - the best part of this option is that you are able to meet and approve or deny new adoptive families.  Other options include working with local rescue organizations to quickly find new and qualified homes, or surrendering your pet to our organization and will then go through our foster and adopt program. 

Temporary Housing

We found that some animals are surrendered to shelters because of situations that make housing your pet difficult for a period of time. Examples include hospitalization, family death, moving, military service, etc. Our organization has the ability to house animals for a short period of time to help accommodate these type of situations. For longer terms we utilize our group of foster volunteers to temporarily house and care for your pet under our supervision. *Animal owners have the right to approve their temporary foster families.

Behavioral Training

Many animals are surrendered to shelters because of behavioral issues. We offer in-depth and hands-on behavioral training to attempt to correct these behaviors and hopefully enable your pet to remain in your home. The type of issues we address range from minor issues, like chewing and house training, up to more severe issues like fear biting and aggression. Our behavior professionals include veterinarians who are certified in animal behavior. 

Animal Adoption

Through our Shelter Diversion program, owner surrenders into our foster and adopt program are considered to be the final option. We will only accept surrendered pets after an attempt to work with our program has been made and it has been concluded that the pet will do better in our rescue program. At this time, you are asked to fill out paperwork to relinquish all rights and sign the pet over to our organization.

Miscellaneous Aid

We understand there are many different situations that may arise that could limit ones ability to care for or keep their pet. For that reason, we remind pet owners that the scenarios and program offerings we have listed here are not limiting. We request that all pet owners who are considering having to re-home or relinquish their pets to a shelter, regardless of the reason/situation, make an effort to contact our offices first to allow us the opportunity to help. 

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