Community Outreach


Our Community Outreach program assists in providing pets of low-income or homeless families with financial assistance for veterinary care, pet food, shelter, safety supplies, and enrichment supplies.

In addition to these services, this program provides free basic and emergency care to pets belonging to members of the homeless community. 

Financial Assistance


Qualified individuals may receive financial help for their pet's medical care. These individuals must be able to demonstrate that they can not afford their pet's medical care (by supplying proof of government assistance, pay stubs, or tax returns). Approval is granted on a case by case basis and may include partial assistance, full coverage, and at times may even cover traveling expenses. Financial assistance will only be provided when the pet is treated with our organization or with an approved veterinary hospital so that we can ensure the pet receives the highest quality of care.

Pet Food and Supplies


TAHO provides pet food to pet owners who are unable to afford quality food. We do this to ensure all animals are receiving the nutrition needed to live happy and healthy lives. 

In addition to pet food, TAHO also provides animals with safety equipment (like harness, leashes, collars, and identification tags) and enrichment equipments (such as toys, pet beds, bowls and litter). 

Check below to find out what, and how you can donate to this program. 

Donations Needed

Pet Food, Treats, and Fresh Water


Pet Collars, Leashes, and Harnesses


Pet Beds, Kennels, and Carriers


Food and Water Bowls


Cat Litter and Litter Pans


Pet Toys


Donation Sites

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TAHO - Main Hospital

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Delaware, OH 43015

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