Information and TAHO Policy Changes Surrounding COVID-19:

At The Animal Health Organization the health and well-being of your pets and family are our top priority. As the situation around Covid-19 continues to evolve, we want to assure you that we are doing all we can to ensure the safety of our clients, patients, and team, and continue to follow recommendations from professional organizations such as the CDC and AVMA.

In compliance with recent requests from Ohio governor, we will be enforcing new rules for our clients and patients to follow in an attempt to provide the safest environment possible as Ohio businesses begin to open up and return to normal. As medical professionals we take an oath to protect the health of the public. We understand and support the need for physical distancing and support the use of PPE to limit risks of exposure. We will be requiring our team members and our clients to follow new policies and protocols 

What to expect

TAHO will begin slowly returning to normal operations throughout the month of May  beginning on Monday May 11th.  

In addition to all of the policy and protocol changes TAHO has experienced surrounding the COVID19 pandemic, we have also added a significant amount of new medical and client service team members which also brings changes our normal operations. We are planning to return to full/normal operation in stages to ensure we are able to maintain a safe environment for our clients and team and to allow our team the opportunity to work through and iron out any insufficiencies in the system prior to returning to our normal volume/operation.  

Beginning Monday May 11th, TAHO will resume a limited number of routine  surgeries/procedures, including spay/neuter. Our outpatient department will begin accepting routine/wellness appointments and will continue to operate from 9am-5pm M-F only.  

Surgical/Dental/Inpatient admission times will permanently change to 7am-8:30am and release/discharge times to 5pm-7pm.

Beginning Monday May 18th, TAHO’s surgical department will return to normal/full operation/volume. Admission and discharge times will remain as stated above. TAHO’s outpatient department will continue to operate 9am-5pm M-F throughout the month of May.  

Beginning  June 1st, TAHO’s outpatient department will begin our new permanent schedule of 11am-7pm M-F. Weekend availability will not resume until further notice.  

What we ask of our clients

 As TAHO slowly returns to normal operation it is very important that we take extreme measures in order to protect our team so that we can continue to provide care to our clients/patients. If you currently have an appointment, or are requesting a new appointment you will be asked to adhere to new policies put in place to protect all of our clients and our team.

As a hospital that experiences a very high volume of clients and patients each day, we are taking additional precautions to limit physical contact and encourage physical distancing in our reception/main areas, including:

  • We ask that any client who is experiencing flu-like symptoms, including fever greater than 100.4 degrees, a cough, etc, completely avoid visiting our hospital/facilities. We ask that you arrange alternative transportation and notify the transport and our team of this matter. If alternative transportation is not available, please notify our team as far in advance as possible so extra steps can be taken to ensure everyone’s safety. Telecommunication may be possible if the pet is a current patient of ours and has been seen within the past twelve months.
  • We ask that all clients arriving for appointments, including surgical admission and release, remain in their vehicles and call to notify our team of arrival.
  • Surgical/Dental/Inpatient admissions and release will continue to be performed curbside until further notice to prevent congregation. These clients should remain in their vehicles and call to notify our team of their arrival. 
  • We will ask that clients presenting for outpatient appointments remain in theIr vehicles until an exam room becomes available for use.  At that time you will be escorted directly into the exam room where you should remain for the duration of the appointment.  
  • Only one client per pet (including children) will be permitted to enter our facilites to accompany a patient. Exceptions may be made for end-of-life services/procedures if requested in advance.  
  • Any client entering our facilities must be wearing a face mask or other facial covering that provides full and adequate coverage of the mouth and nose - this mask should remain on throughout the duration of their appointment. TAHO  team members reserve the right to determine if the covering is adequate. No exceptions will be made. Clients who present without a facial covering/mask, or who remove their mask while inside of our facilities,  will be declined for service and asked to leave. We will not have available staff to perform curbside outpatient appointments. 

Due to the current situation, our clients may experience (and should expect) longer-than-normal/extended waiting periods. Please be assured that our team is working diligently to continue to provide the high level of medical and client service we are well known for. We will not be providing discounts or free services for extended waiting periods at this time.  

You and Your pet’s safety

TAHO has one of the most in-depth and extensive cleaning protocols in place (supported by the ASPCA) to ensure all of our clients and patients remain at the lowest risk of disease transmission possible within a hospital/public setting. We have elevated these protocols in response to the current events to include more frequent and detailed disinfection and cleaning in areas like exam rooms, door handles, restrooms, hard surfaces, and equipment to attempt to limit any possible exposure between clients.

TAHO team members are required to wear face masks at all times and are under strict travel and social restrictions and strict/heightened personal hygiene protocols are enforced.

We ensure you we are closely monitoring this situation and seeking regular guidance from the CDC, AVMA, and other international health organizations. We will also comply with any and all government issued requests and demands. For this reason, these policies may continue to change/evolve. We will continue to do our best to keep our clients updated.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation through all of this. Please contact our Executive or Medical directors with any additional questions or concerns you may have.

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